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Joanne Kim 

Anyone can walk into a showroom and buy a fine piece of furniture. But if you want your furniture and interior to look unique, check out the artistic talent of JK Design Studio. This studio is owned by Joanne Kim, a master at the art of decorative arts furniture. JK also specializes in antique restoration and 22k Gold gilding. She has years of hands-on experience in fine custom-painted furniture and restoration techniques. Growing up in a family of artists in South Korea, JK received her BA in South Korea and continued her studies in America. Using furniture as her medium, JK is one of the finest decorative painting artists around. Each piece of painted furniture is original, and designed to reflect your fine taste, lifestyle, and personality. JK's beautiful and elegant touches are favorite works among select interior designers and fine furniture manufacturers throughout the US. JK's works have been placed in locations ranging from luxury hotels in Las Vegas to gorgeous celebrity homes. JK also works with many leading retailers and design firms to create specific products for custom merchandising solutions, hospitality design, and other project-oriented solutions.

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